Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I’m A Pantser

  That's right, I've never written a single outline for any of my books, ever. Not a single word. I like the idea of making it up as I go, and I'm in good company.
 Hugely successful author's like Michael Connelly of Harry Bosch fame does not outline. Then there's Jay Kristoff, author of the wildly popular 'Nevernight Chronicle' who said in a recent interview with Australian BookTuber, Piera Forde, "I'm a pantser by nature." These are two very successful author's that write in two very different genres. They can't possibly be wrong, I say.
 Personally, I think spending time outlining is time wasted. It's like writing a prologue before you've written the story. Mind you, I do write prologues, even epilogues, but I write them after the fact. 
 To date, I've written 60K+ words for my sixth book, and I still haven't decided who really done it, although I do know how they did it. You know why? I wrote the story, no outline required. 
 I've talked with several writers on the subject. They all cringed when I told them I don't outline. One told me she had trouble getting an agent until she started to outline. For some reason, I don't think not outlining stood between her and fame and fortune. I don't have an agent. I've never gone fishing for one. And yes, I self-publish my work and have sold tens of copies, ebooks mostly.
 Alas, here I sit writing about not wasting precious time writing outlines. Time to move on. Bye!

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