Monday, May 23, 2016

Meeting the Creator of the ‘Harry Bosch’ Series

  I meet my favorite writer and the author of the 'Harry Bosch' novel series, Mr. Michael Connelly. Michael was in Atlanta supporting another author at a book launch event in mid-town. I was going to mention my book series to him but lost my nerve.
   Not long after my first book, Deep Cover - A Stark Affair came out, a reader from Australia briefly compared my Tony Rains to Michael's Harry Bosch, saying Tony is treated far better than Harry ever is by the LAPD. That marked the first time I heard of Michael Connelly and Harry Bosch, and I've since read all of his Bosch and Mikey Haller novels; nearly thirty in all.
   It was a real thrill for me as a writer of 'Police Procedurals' to meet the master himself.

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