‘The Mayor’s Wife'


...Republican John Calvani captured 41.92% of the vote during the 2003 San Francisco Mayoral race from a field of nine candidates. Because he hadn’t won a clear majority in the hard-fought race, Calvani was forced into a runoff against then Board of Supervisors President and Democrat, Matt Gonzalez. 
Five weeks later on December the 9th, Calvani won the runoff election with 52.81% of the vote, catapulting the fifty-four-year-old millionaire businessman into public service. One year later, it was the mayor’s wife that stole the headlines.
"Good morning, and welcome to KNTV11 News, I'm Pam White. Topping this morning’s headlines: Jennifer Calvani, the wife of San Francisco Mayor John Calvani, was found dead early this morning in the couple's Mission Street condo. At the moment, police aren’t saying much, but according to an unnamed source close to the investigation, foul play is suspected in Mrs. Calvani’s death.”
"Mrs. Calvani's body was found by a pair of workers who went to the unfinished residence to install cabinets. The men are with our Julie Putnam. Julie, what can you tell us?”
Fast forward nine years to November 2015 and the now-former Mayor’s wife once again dominates the headlines in a bizarre twist in the decades-old cold case...

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