Building a Brand

Harder than writing any book, in my opinion, is building a brand as an indie author. The easiest way to describe this is to start by listing what I call ‘my' downside:
  • I am not a trained writer
  • I do not have an agent, manager or publishing house in my corner
  • I do not have a limitless supply of money to pay for editorial services or file conversation for the multitude of possible reading devices and print formats 
  • I can not spell to save my life, or yours
  • I am not a master of the english language, and my grammar skills suck hard
  • I do not have a staff of fact checkers
  • I do not have an existing audience for my work

The upside:
  • I love to write, first and foremost
  • I have concluded I do not necessarily need an agent, manager or publishing house to publish my work
  • I count spellcheck among my very best friends
  • I use ‘Grammarly’ religiously - 
  • I rely heavily on ‘Google’ and ‘Wikipedia’ as information sources
  • I have this blog and use the internet to take my brand to the masses
  • I have a Twitter account - @TonyRainsNovels
  • I often fall back on ‘I love to write’ when all else fails

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