Saturday, December 14, 2019

My Write Place

   I am a writer. You have no idea how incredibly odd that sounds, despite the fact I've written and published six books since '12.
  I write police procedural stories I call the "Tony Rains Novel Series." You'll notice I use the word 'Novel,' but I don't consider myself a novelist. Highfalutin titles like that don't fit me very well. No offense to all the Novelists in the wide blue world so deserving of the accolade, but it doesn't work in my case. I see myself in a much different light. 
 A lot of indie writers consider themselves Novelists, and they're deserving of the title. They're better writers than me. I'm comfortable saying that mainly because I have zero formal training as a writer. The only thing I bring to the table is a passion for the pursuit; I love storytelling.
   I didn't begin writing in earnest until I was fifty years old. As a fiction writer, I make up plausible scenarios and write about them. And now that I'm 62 and retired, writing is pretty much what I do when I'm not napping. I usually write upwards of fifteen-hundred words a session, two sessions a day. When the juices are gushing, there's no telling how many words I'm capable of putting to paper.
  I hope I'm becoming a better storyteller with every book. Notice that I haven't said anything about ever mastering the craft of writing. Honestly, I don't see that ever never happening. I don't have the necessary training in the mechanics of writing. I just write what feels right. I'm not in this for the money. I write for my own enjoyment.
   My sixth book, "Talking Dead," came out at the end of December 2019, and I've already started my seventh book in the series, The Rocker Agency. I hope to publish number seven in January 2021.

My Write Place

  When I'm not on my MacBook Pro laying down words, you'll find me in "my write place" in front of my window on my world; blinds open of course. The thoughtful feline you see there is not my cat. My son dropped Loki-Doki off for a few days while he moved. That was four years ago.
   Anyway, I'm a writer, but you already knew that.

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