Sunday, December 27, 2020

Tony Rains Novel Series - Book #8 - Published 15 August 2021

After a year on the sidelines, Tony Rains is back in book eight of the series. In this story, Tony struggles to return to full duty with the Milwaukee Police Department. With the help of his father Jack, he is able to face each challenge with grit and determination.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

I’m a Writer and this is My Write Place

My Write Place (when I'm not on my laptop)

 Yes, I'm a writer, and you have no idea how much of a misnomer that is to me. Even though I've written and published six books with a seventh on the way, I don't consider myself a writer. And why is that? I'll make this fast.
  First of all, I've always heard that you should write what you know about, so I didn't. The closest I've ever gotten to police work is a TV remote and reruns of Hill Street Blues (look it up). I 'write' police procedural stories I call the "Tony Rains Novel Series." You may have noticed I use the word 'Novel' in the series title, but I do not consider myself a novelist. Highfalutin titles like that do not fit me or my writing. No offense to all the Novelists in the world so deserving of the accolade. I don't think I'm deserving of the title. I'm more of a hobby writer like some people enjoy cross-stitch as their pastime. Writing is my pastime.
 Many indie writers today consider themselves Novelists. I'm sure they're deserving of the title. They're better writers than me. I'm comfortable saying that mainly because I have no formal training as a writer. All I bring to the table when I sit down to write is a passion for the pursuit. I simply love storytelling. That's especially true when the ideas are plentiful and the words are working in my favor.
 I didn't begin writing in earnest until I was fifty years old. As a fiction writer, I make up plausible scenarios and write about them. And now that I'm 62 and retired, writing is pretty much what I do when I'm not napping. I usually write upwards of fifteen-hundred words a session, two sessions a day. When the juices are gushing, there's no telling how many words I'm capable of putting to paper. I hope I'm becoming a better storyteller with every book. 
 Notice I haven't said anything about ever mastering the writing craft. I don't ever see that happening, ever. I don't have the necessary training in the mechanics of writing, punctuation in particular. When in doubt, I slap a comma down. 
  You hear many people say they write for themselves, for the love of storytelling. That's true of me. I love storytelling. Writing gives me something to do with my time, especially now that I'm retired. I don't write for the money either. Have you read any of my books? If you have, you certainly would not pay to read the next one. And lastly, writing is not a zero-sum game. I write in the hope that readers get enjoyment from the stories I imagine.
  My sixth book, "Talking Dead," came out at the end of December 2019, and book seven in the series is in the works. I hope to publish 'The Rocker Agency' in January 2021.
  When I'm not on my MacBook Pro laying down words, you'll find me seated in "my write place" in front of my window on my world, with the blinds open, of course. The thoughtful feline you see there is not my cat. My son dropped Loki-Doki off for a few days while he moved. That was almost five years ago.

  I'm a writer, but you already knew that..!

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Talking Dead - Tony Rains Novel Series Book 6

Talking Dead - Book #6 in the Tony Rains Novel Series is now available on Amazon.Com as an ebook and paperback. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I’m A Pantser

  That's right, I've never written a single outline for any of my books, ever. Not a single word. I like the idea of making it up as I go, and I'm in good company.
 Hugely successful author's like Michael Connelly of Harry Bosch fame does not outline. Then there's Jay Kristoff, author of the wildly popular 'Nevernight Chronicle' who said in a recent interview with Australian BookTuber, Piera Forde, "I'm a pantser by nature." These are two very successful author's that write in two very different genres. They can't possibly be wrong, I say.
 Personally, I think spending time outlining is time wasted. It's like writing a prologue before you've written the story. Mind you, I do write prologues, even epilogues, but I write them after the fact. 
 To date, I've written 60K+ words for my sixth book, and I still haven't decided who really done it, although I do know how they did it. You know why? I wrote the story, no outline required. 
 I've talked with several writers on the subject. They all cringed when I told them I don't outline. One told me she had trouble getting an agent until she started to outline. For some reason, I don't think not outlining stood between her and fame and fortune. I don't have an agent. I've never gone fishing for one. And yes, I self-publish my work and have sold tens of copies, ebooks mostly.
 Alas, here I sit writing about not wasting precious time writing outlines. Time to move on. Bye!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Excellent Story Lines

It's always great to get positive feedback on my work. In the interest of full disclosure, she did go on the say my grammar needed a little work. But excellent storylines, I'll take it.